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Our Capabilities

  • Custom Gear Shaping & Hobbing

  • Complete CNC Milling & Turning

  • Precision CNC OD Grinding

  • Complete Assembly Services

  • Accuracy within ±.0001”

  • ISO 9001 & AS9100 Certified

  • Hard Gear Cutting & Skiving

  • Top Quality & Service Since 1988

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Your Complete Manufacturing Solution

Premier Gear and Machining integrates gear manufacturing and precision machining into one super-efficient system to produce a wide variety of gear products. Whether it is gear cutting on an existing part, or start-to-finish manufacturing of a part with gear features, Premier Gear and Machining has the expertise you need. Premier Gear and Machining combines years of hands-on experience with sophisticated job planning techniques, advanced shop-flow software, and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, to deliver extraordinary value to its customers.

“Our customers benefit from our one-stop gear manufacturing solution because we control the entire process,” explains Steve Golden, production manager. “That is why we offer the best quality and delivery ratings in the business, at competitive prices, year after year. Simply put, Premier Gear and Machining is your complete gear manufacturing solution.”

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Premier Gear is ISO 9001:2015 & AS9100D Certified

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The Premier Gear and Machining Story

Premier Gear and Manufacturing started out in 1988 with a unique idea. The concept was that a company offering cutting-edge precision CNC machining and state-of-the-art gear manufacturing – under one roof – would have a distinct advantage in the contract manufacturing marketplace. Today, more than 30 years and many happy customers later, that simple idea has proven to be a extraordinary success.

"We offer the latest in precision machining and gear manufacturing technology."

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Today, Premier Gear and Manufacturing offers you the latest precision machining and gear manufacturing technology available anywhere.  We have 20 advanced CNC machine tools, 12 CNC gear shapers and hobbers, and 3 CNC grinders in one ultra-modern, 20,000-square-foot  facility.  Our services range from cutting gears on your existing parts to producing completed components and assemblies from start to finish, manufactured to your exact specifications.  We build quality into our products every step of the way with AGMA compliant facilities and a quality system certified to ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D.  Our dedicated team of professionals and craftsmen has the manufacturing knowledge and experience you need to handle your most complex and demanding requirements.  In fact, Premier Gear products are found in a variety of commercial and military applications worldwide where quality and reliability concerns are paramount.

Our One-Stop-Shop offers you a complete manufacturing solution for precision machined components with gear features.  Since we control the entire machining process in-house, you get a level of service that is just not available from other suppliers.  Premier Gear has earned some of the best quality and delivery ratings from some of the biggest manufacturers in the world; and we offer Dock-to-Stock and Just-in-Time shipments with inventory-management services designed to deliver what you need, when you need it.  When it comes to value-driven manufacturing solutions you can count on, nobody beats Premier Gear and Manufacturing.

With advanced CNC machining, gear manufacturing and precision grinding services – all in one modern facility – Premier Gear and Machining offers you a Complete Manufacturing Solution.  We want to be your "supplier of choice" for all of your gear-related precision machining requirements.  Contact us today and find out what the Premier Gear team can do for you.

Precision Manufacturing Solutions You Can Count On.

Bull Gear Manufacturing

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bull gear
bull gear

"Bull Gear manufacturing is one example of our specialized capabilities."

A Bull Gear is defined simply as: the larger of two spur gears that are in engagement in any machine (the smaller gear is usually referred to as a pinion).  So, what makes our Bull Gear manufacturing capabilities special?

It's the applications.  Our Bull Gears are used in some of the most critical mechanical systems in the world, including aircraft and military applications where failure would be catastrophic.  We manufacture Bull Gears using 300M – a 4340 steel with silicon, vanadium and added carbon and molybdenum.  300M is a vacuum-melted, through-hardening alloy known for it's high strength and toughness.  It is also notoriously tough to machine.

The Bull Gears that we produce require a final hardness of 51/56 HRC, and because of this the manufacturing process is demanding and complex.  We start by rough machining the parts prior to heat treating – except we can't cut the internal spline once the material is hardened, so we have to allow for predetermined thermal distortion, which requires some real manufacturing know-how.  After heat treating, we hard-turn and hard-mill to size, grind the spur gears to size, and use EDM for certain features. One of the most challenging aspects of these parts is the flash chrome plating with a .0005” dimensional tolerance, which requires us to hold a .0001” tolerance prior to plating.  The bottom line is: if you don't know exactly what you're doing with these parts, you will end up with scrap.

Quite a few suppliers have tried – and failed – to produce the Bull Gears that we manufacture and ship on a regular basis.  Premier Gear is successful because we know how to control the process with meticulous planning and attention to detail.  Decades of precision machining and gear manufacturing knowledge go into the products that we make, and it makes all the difference when it comes to producing complex parts and assemblies.  To learn more about the specialized manufacturing capabilities at Premier Gear and Machining please contact us today.

We are Successful Because We Control the Process.

Our Products are Compliant with AGMA Specifications

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What's New at Premier Gear and Machining

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New Helios Hera 200 CNC Gear Hobbing Machine

October 2022

Premier Gear has increased its Gear Manufacturing capacity with the addition of a new Helios Hera 200 CNC Gear Hobbing Machine. This cutting-edge machine features a 6.35 DP maximum pitch rating, a 1,200-rpm hob speed, and 6 CNC axes; plus a high-speed, direct-drive hob head with CNC shifting, and radial, axial, climb, and/or conventional hobbing on a single- or two-cut cycle. The advanced Fanuc 0i-MF controls all 6 axes with CNC tangential positioning of the hob head. Industry-leading Heidenhain linear X-axis scales guarantee exceptional precision and repeatability on this state-of-the-art machine.

The addition of our new Hera 200 significantly increases the flexibility and throughput capacity of our gear hobbing department with a maximum workpiece diameter of 7.874” and a maximum length of 20.866”. At Premier Gear, we remain committed to providing the latest in precision manufacturing technology as we continue to deliver top-quality products and extraordinary service for our customers. When it comes to value-driven manufacturing solutions, nobody beats Premier Gear and Manufacturing. To learn more about our enhanced CNC hobbing capabilities please contact us today.

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New DMG Mori ecoTurn 450 CNC Lathe

January 2018

Premier Gear has added a new DMG Mori ecoTurn 450 CNC Lathe to our already-robust CNC Turning department. This ultra-modern machine tool features rigid construction with a ball screw spindle and wide roller guides for superior positioning accuracy within ±.0003”. A 4,000-rpm hi-torque spindle, a 12-station turret with live tooling, 15.7” turning diameter, and 2.6” bar capacity means this machine can handle your most demanding jobs and the toughest materials with unbeatable finishes and exceptional accuracy.

At Premier Gear we are committed to delivering quality workmanship on time. With 20 modern CNC machine tools on the floor – in addition to our CNC gear hobbing, shaping, and grinding equipment – we have the precision-machining capacity and flexibility you need for a total manufacturing solution. From very simple to highly complex parts and assemblies, you can count on Premier Gear to deliver the latest CNC machining technology available anywhere. Please contact us today to learn more about our new DMG Mori CNC lathe and how our team can deliver for you.

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New DMG Mori CMX 1100 V VMC

Update November 2018

Premier Gear adds a second new DMG Mori CMX 1100 V VMC.

May 2017

Premier Gear has purchased a new DMG Mori CMX 1100 V Vertical Machining Center. This state-of-the-art machine tool features a C-Frame cast iron bed for superior rigidity and vibration damping, resulting in exceptional dimensional accuracy and superior surface finishes in a wide variety of materials. A 12,000-rpm speedMASTER spindle provides super-efficient, high-speed machining for enhanced cost-savings with faster cycle times. With a 30-tool capacity, all-axis rapid traverse, and 43.3” x 22.0” x 20.1” xyz travel, this workhorse is built to handle your most demanding precision machining requirements.

We now have 5 modern CNC vertical machining centers at Premier Gear. Combined with our 13 CNC turning centers, 3 CNC grinders, and 9 CNC gear shapers and hobbers, we have the manufacturing capacity to take on your most challenging jobs and deliver what you need on time. Let us show you what the right combination of cutting-edge equipment and more than thirty years of precision machining knowledge and experience can do for you. Contact us today.

We Offer the Latest in CNC Machining Technology.